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The war-torn Syria

As shroud
Use my poems
To cover the corpse
Burn all those symbolic words
From my poems
To Lit the fire
As your assault
Has lately made my poems
Ah ! Wounded and worthless !

#. War and Buddha

-Raja Puniani

On victory war insists

And also with Buddha, the lord

Willingness of victory persists

War knows it drags life nearer to death

For Buddha

A query, why this life has to meet this ultimate end ?

War longs for territorial victory

On the other hand

Victory over one's own soul

Buddha prays for

War provokes the death of life

Buddha rather pleads for 

Death of death itself

Thus, virtually

Which war is bigger than Buddha ?

#.The Tomb

Every tomb was engraved with names

In history that would've never scripted

Engraved were none of the names

Tombs mentioned none of them

Buddha, Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Putin,Trump

None of them

Neither the tombs mentioned the places

Palestine, Kashmir, Darjeeling

Nor Syria

That one single name

Meant nothing for no one...

Every kiss of dark death created lively moment

For them

A small window there

From where a large sky could be glanced

From that narrow doorstep there

Thousands of open paths stretched ahead

Ah, the dark kitchen cooked

Their colorful dream !

That tomb,

Oh yes, that tomb is but their home

Syria, their home !!!

#. Poems on war-torn Syria 


As shroud 

Use my poems

To cover the corpse

Burn all those symbolic words

From my poems

To Lit the fire

As your assault 

Has lately made my poems

Ah ! Wounded and worthless !


Hey Syria ! Hey you ! 

Sorry couldn't attend right now

To nourish your present wound

To wipe off your bloody tears

To render lovely touch

On the void of your houses

To console your babies' cries

Dear Syria, listen !

Our kitchens, our courtyard,

Our hilly trail, Our terraces, blind corners

Our square, schools and hospitals,

Streams and rivulets

Our topography, vicinity and neighbor

And center for get-together

And nevertheless every place and corner,

All these and every dream of ours

Personifies Syria

And only Syria

Ah, all these have gone into coma

Just a moment Syria

Please come into consciousness

Oh Syria, my Syria

By God !

We too are following the same funeral procession row of our own dreams

At this moment you are chewing bombs there

And we are chewing

Our own face and fate !

Allow me to take this oath

Syria ! Dear Syria ! Time itself is digging the tombs

For Americas, Russias, Israels

Wait till then and have patience Syria

Sorry Syria

Miss you Syria !


Syria is but a porter now

It carries ship

It carries oil

Carries pollution

Carries earthquake, sandstorm

‘Cause Syria is but a porter now

It's loaded with South Asia, Arab, Meditaranian Sea, Lebanon, Israel

And what not ?

As Syria is but a bonded carrier now

It carries the heinous arrogance of autocrat

It carries the ISIS-hunger of power, greed of Alkaida

Carries the thirst of America's imperialism, loaded with the dark shadow of world war

Ah poor Syria is a porter now !

The Day when

Syria holds its own weight

Watch ! And behold !

Syria won't remain the same porter…

Syria will change

Yeah, it's sure to change !!


Syria & Syrias, so many Syrias....

Within one Syria

There's one Darjeeling, and in another one there's Rohingya

Myanmar in another one, Bhutan in next one

Also Tibet in other next.....

Syria & Syrias, so many Syrias

Palestine in one and Bosnia in another

The next one has Afganistan

The other has Kashmir

Syria & Syrias, so many Syrias

One Syria is here, the other one there

Next one is a bit far there

Yonder is the other one

Yonder, beyond yonder the next one

Farther the other one

One Syria is here inside the soul of my country

Without being rubbed it is here inside us

It exists there

Till the American dogmatic influence reigning my country

Doesn't blast and burst the bomb upon me…


The smoky morning drags out half body

Crushed inside by the ruins 


In front of UN -lane

Holding the blood dripping head

When Syrias remain standing  

Americas start licking the blood

Then BBC in haste announces

American president empathically declares terrorism is world’s enemy 

And it plans for world’s security 



You’ve become unknown here

Your face resembles the terror of a bomb

Your eyes seem like the mirror of blood


You’re a complete stranger here 

Syria !

The day they recognize you

This supposed to be war civilization 

Is to be absurd one…


Syria !

Millions of miles afar from here

This poet accepts his own death

On the sad demise of your child

I'm feeling the hunger of DEATH

While I've to live the death of you



While all the poets of the whole world

Are reciting the Syria-poem


America is sipping the Syrian liquor

And belching the hangover of the war

America, keep it in your mind

Every American has one Vietnam in their womb !!!


Oh Syria ! 

Now this defeated world waits

One more Vietnam

The day when you wake up from this devastation

Awaken yourself

And wake up

Wake up with such strength

No America would rather raise its head again...


 Syria! Now you be the sun

One dark sun

Where the sun of gloomy America

Vomit the brightness 


Syria, I love you

No rose is more beautiful

Than the terrified face of yours

That peeps through the void of the cracked wall

Beauty lies amidst the terror

Death is itself love

When war is the great achievement

That this civilization offers 

#. Love & War


It’s never farther than 


As the death is always 

Nearer to 


                                                                                [ Translated by : Tulsi Thapa ]

Raja Puniani

नब साहित्य डट ओआरजी

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The war-torn Syria - 2018-03-17

As shroud
Use my poems
To cover the corpse
Burn all those symbolic words
From my poems
To Lit the fire
As your assault
Has lately made my poems
Ah ! Wounded and worthless !
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